Posted on Nov 10, 2020

Elite Chiropractic

Did you see us on the SPECIAL LONG VERSION of the Channel 7 News report? If you missed it, click on the button below to watch.

To Recap -

Elite Chiropractic was featured because of our suspended pricing -

Pay What You Can
FREE Treatments for Frontline Workers

So far we have gifted $84,000 in total.

Of this figure, frontline workers and teachers were gifted treatment to the value of $48,000, and locals in financial distress received treatment to the value of $36,000.

The Report Also Features Another Business Putting The Health Of Their Community First!

This report also featured a pharmacy who offered their product to farmers, without payment, until they are in a financial position to pay for their purchases. They also prioritised the health of their community first!

I want to take this opportunity to again Thank You for all your support, positive encouragement, kind Google reviews, and especially for telling your friends and family about the work we do.

As a part of the local community, we have helped 1365 people to enjoy better lives - especially in the last six months which have been really tough on so many fronts.

Restrictions are easing and as we progress into the next phase of life with COVID-19, I continue to look forward to serving and supporting you.

Yours in health,

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